The mission of Stop Illegal Trucking is to provide a method for elevating the awareness level of the general
public, enforcement authorities, consumer advocacy groups, and elected officials about illegal trucking
activities. Stop Illegal Trucking will provide a forum available to all for the purpose of sharing information on
illegal trucking activities and other topics of mutual interest. Stop Illegal Trucking will work legally and
ethically while protecting the privacy of the supporters of this cause.
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Stop Illegal Trucking purpose is to increase awareness of the issue of illegal truckers and brokers and to
effect measures to expose them in the hopes of getting them out of the transportation business or getting
their operations to be operating under the same licensing and insurance guidelines legal transportation
companies operate within.

This organizations major concern is for the safety and protection of the public. However there are economic
and other related concerns that also need to be addressed. It is getting increasingly difficult and more
expensive to operate a transportation company legally while it is becoming  increasingly easier and less
expensive to operate a truck or transportation company illegally.

The originators of this site see cause for concern as the list of violators to FMCSA licensing and insurance
regulations appear to be increasing. We have originated this effort based upon our beliefs that:
There are a significant number of trucks operating on the highways  that do not have proper
             operating authority and proper insurance.
These truckers are obtaining shipments due to the lack of knowledge on the part of the public.
There is not awareness of this problem on the part of some enforcement and regulatory agencies.
Some business practices appear to be contributing to the increased number of illegal trucks on the
road through their methods of   matching shipper loads with shippers.
Several of these businesses are performing the same function as  legal brokers, but without proper
broker authority, broker insurance, or broker regulatory oversight.
The public does not understand the trucking regulations concerning this situation.
Some of these businesses may be operating without any legal or moral accountability, and that this
            is creating a large risk to the public.

There are other economic concerns as well:
A trucking company and broker operating legally have government mandated costs for licensing
            and insurance associated with doing business. Illegal truckers and brokers do not have these
            costs and  their cost of doing business is significantly lower as a result. Legal carriers and
            brokers desire a level playing field in the transportation business.
We hope to get the government agencies involved, not only from the public safety point of view,
            but also from their own economic viewpoint as well. Each truck or broker that is operating illegally,
 is not paying the licensing fees that the U.S Government and States expect to be receiving from   
 transportation companies.

We invite everyone that is concerned about the safety of the highways and the future of the transportation industry to contribute to success and improvement this site. Feel free to browse our forum. If after looking
you are interested in becoming a member, just follow the registration procedure.
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